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Julika Novkova PhD

Julika Novkova, PhD, CEO at Juls’Psy.com

When people are struggling to run, develop, and manage the change in their life & business, sometimes they need extra help and support. Psychological Business Consulting provides individuals, teams, and organizations with new tools and techniques for problem-solving, strategic development, and personal growth.


For the last 10 years, I’ve been supporting the business development of SMEs. I help my clients with their business strategies, processes, performance, effectiveness, skills, and talent development. I manage the business change in terms of personal and business development, conflict management between people, processes, and systems. My work results in team cohesion improvement, stress and burnout prevention, and personal subjectively perceived wellbeing both in personal life & business.

The modern business models are adaptive, agile, and innovative.  I created a business modeling approach for systematic organizational analysis – Autopoiesis 4.0, that helps people, teams, and organizations become living systems, capable of maintaining and reproducing themselves in the ever-changing surrounding.
I help people, teams, and organizations become more innovative, creative via a meta-cognitive mindfulness approach for personal transformation – InnovaCeption. We need to adapt to the ever-changing global, dynamic market. I consult business leaders providing them with skills, knowledge, tools, and techniques of modern business management.

Change. Adapt. Evolve.

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Change. Adapt. Evolve.

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