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When I started my social entrepreneurship project Juls’ Psychology in 2016, I didn’t fully understand how often people underestimate the power of their personality over their mindset, decision making, goal setting, motivation and stress management. Now I am committed to helping them to master their personality, to gain control over their inner states and to be creative and productive, so that they can live their lives with a sense of personal meaning, deep purpose and social connectedness.

People do not fail, neither in life nor in business.

Based on my 15 years of experience as a personal and business psychologist and C-suite business consultant & trainer, I believe that people do not fail, they just stop. Because

sometimes it’s just too hard to be THAT hard.

People believe that if they have the right attitude, if they are inspired and positive, if they have the right tools and the perfect strategy, everything will go according to plan and they will achieve their goals. But the reality is harsh and turbulent; life never cares about our desires and limitations and even the “perfect” people, tools and strategies fall into “imperfect” conditions.

So here I am, trying to help people

overcome their hard feelings about their weaknesses and limitations, improve their perception of themselves and reality, and encourage them to take responsibility and stay active. 

How can modern psychology help us keep going without burning out?

Modern applied business psychology is agile, adaptive and highly personalised. I am happy to offer tailored solutions to improve a life or a business. My work has helped me to understand the importance of working on a small scale, one case and one issue at a time.

As an applied psychologist in the field of the psychology of personality, social, organisational and economic behaviour, I work in the world of business. It is a fun, colourful and innovative space where we try to create and innovate without losing personal meaning and purpose. Business leaders, entrepreneurs and freelancers are visionaries with a bright and bold perspective on life, who have often been caught in the crossfire between their goals, dreams and desires and the uncertain and ever-changing reality.

What I have managed to do on my own since 2016

Let me show you what I have achieved for my native audience at Jules’ Psychology.com since 2016:

  • Launched the Bulgarian platform JulsPsychology.com with over 300 professional psychological articles in Bulgarian to support the development of business leaders in Eastern Europe. The articles also include free mini-trainings I have developed to help leaders and business owners develop various personal and business development skills in communication, personality type, conflict resolution, assertiveness, setting boundaries, self-love and self-acceptance, self-awareness and self-reflection, cognitive ease and decision-making, stress management and motivation, empathy, empowerment and altruism;
  • Over 200 hours of free counselling for women on maternity leave or victims of domestic violence;
  • Over 150 hours of individual and group counselling and mentoring for Eastern European youth;
  • More than 40 stories told in the “My Way” campaign to support small and family businesses in Bulgaria.
  • A joint campaign with 5 partners called “Like yourself”, dedicated to the healthy digital image of entrepreneurs and improving their mind-body connection.
  • An authentic personal brand campaign with an 8-day free challenge to promote healthy personal branding that reveals the true personality behind the brand.
  • A campaign called ‘Taming the Chaos in Your Mind’, dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of having control over internal states in order to maintain focus and make decisions.
  • A campaign called ‘Mindfulness Techniques to Prevent Entrepreneurial Burnout’, to support entrepreneurs by helping them understand how their mindset and unconscious beliefs sabotage their decisions and plans. 

And so, in 2019, I launched JulsPsy.com, the English version of my website, where you can find a free online scale for self-assessment of internal states. Then, in 2020, I launched InnovaCeption.com, a space where I help people to be more creative and innovative without burning out. I have since become a mother of two and with them now at school, I feel ready to expand my professional mission and connect with others who need my expertise, passion and love on a global scale.

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You are the most important system in your life & business, invest in yourself!

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