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  1. Add to cart your preferred transformation plan and follow the purchase instructions as usual (If you have a discount code, simply add it to your order);
  2. Open the email from us (check also in SPAM), download (click the link) & read the PDF file;
  3. Follow the link to our Professional Questionnaire;
  4. Answer the questions* and help us understand your story, your needs and goals;
  5. Choose your day & time of the week to conduct the session;
  6. Remember to convert your time zone to GMT to estimate the difference in our time zones for best delivery;
  7. Send us any additional questions and submit the form (you can choose to receive a copy of your responses to your email);
  8. Check for our reply within 7 working days (check also in SPAM) or give us a hint that the reply  is missing at support[@]julspsy.com, applying your purchase number;
  9. We will send you back information about  the available times in our schedule and you will choose the exact day/time;
  10. We will email you a personal link for the online session;
  11. Get back to the PDF file and read more about how to prepare for our session;
  12. Print the worksheets and prepare something to write during the session (optional);
  13. Open the email with the link to the one-to-one session and follow the link to the online room.
  14. After the session, depending on the plan you have chosen and if it’s included as a service, we will email you additional information such as a summary of the session, tools, exercises and literature.

*Our booking system is automated and our team will only contact you after you have read, understood and agreed to the terms outlined in this consent form. This is indicated by submitting your response. In case of refusal, you can contact us for a refund in accordance with our refund policy.

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PsyTraining systematic approach

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