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There is no one-size-fits-all solution because life can be lived in many different ways. Feel that your world belongs to you and that your solutions are the only ones that are right for you.

Dr. Julika Novkova, Ph.D.

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My approach differs from typical psychological counselling (which is relatively broad and general) because, as a PhD level consultant with mastery in both academic and business settings, I create highly personalized, more “technical” and “actionable” solutions for my clients for personal & business transformation.

Let me show you what we take into account when we are looking for a solution to a problem or the resolution of a personal matter:

  • Personality type;
  • Personal values;
  • Personal goals;
  • Personal and professional background;
  • Current context;
  • Culture and morals;
  • Social status and stigmas;
  • Advantages and limitations;
  • Recourses & Skills;
  • Current or potential risks;
  • Social and family support;
  • Psychological & General wellbeing;

To move forward, you need to embrace all of yourself, here and now, and make this “new” YOU act as a well-structured organism. Change takes time – give it!

Explore solutions for getting started:

Discover our short-term solutions and compare the plans in terms of the services included in the plans, or opt for a long-term, strategic approach that focuses on your overall well-being.

These plans are ideal for solving a specific problem in the short term, when you understand the situation and need tools and ideas to help you change.


Explore more advanced solutions:

Discover our medium and long-term solutions and compare the plans in terms of the services included in the plans. All plans are more strategic. They are designed to help you understand, learn and grow.

These plans are ideal for those moments when things are unclear, when you need to understand the situation, when you need to find insights, tools and ideas on how to change, and when you need to deal with the consequences of all the awareness involved in the process.


What is “Personalized Psychological Approach”?

Juls’ Psychology reflects my passion and personal mission when it comes to psychology and consulting: people need time, space, narrowed focus, and the right tools to want to change.

Psychological consulting from my perspective helps people to

better understand themselves, their perceptions, experiences, values, thoughts, feelings, and typical reactions.

Talking out what is bothering you is an important first step and sometimes it takes a lot of time to get all the burdens out. Eventually, my clients have to make a choice, to take responsibility and ownership of their lives, and take an important, very physical step.

Whether you’re struggling to be more productive or not challenging yourself, there’s always a solution that can help you (and probably only you!). My approach is highly personalized as I usually develop exclusive tools, protocols and exercises for my clients during the process.

You can’t keep solving the same problem for the same person with the same tool forever.

Dr. Julika Novkova, Ph.D.

No matter how appropriate methods & tools are, we evolve, both the client and I, so we need to change and adapt the approach, tools, goals, and values along the way, over and over again. My clients hope that I see them. I believe they see themselves for who they really are and learn to accept and love that self-image.

Would you like regular Psychological Consulting?

If you are looking for regular psychological consulting for a limited period of time (e.g. 1 – 2 months, once a week), this is the best option for you!
You can choose options for 1, 2 or 3 months! Agile Consulting adapts the approach during the process. You don’t need to have clear goals or paths to follow, we will work that out together.

Agile consulting plan for psychological support

You can’t find what you need? Make your own plan:

You always have the option “Choose Your Own” Plan” – the one best suited to your needs, time, resources, energy levels, limitations, desires and goals. Feel free to discuss some plan customization with me, use the contact form bellow.  Let me know what you need and I’ll get back to you with suggestions on how to prioritize your budget and sessions.

Choose your own plan for transformation

Don’t worry, I’ll answer all your questions – sometimes I’m not the best tool and I’ll be happy to help you find the solution you need. Is you want to know more about the process – read more about the online counsulting & training here.

Life can be lived in different ways, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution. It is important to feel that your world belongs exclusively to you and that the solutions are uniquely right

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