InnovaCeption think like a creator by Julika Novkova PhD

InnovaCeption: Think like a Creator or how to regain personal meaning through innovation and creativity without entrepreneurial burnout?

How is it that over time we lose productivity and efficiency as we work and create? Why do we have the feeling that we are becoming robots that perform our tasks mechanically and almost automatically? When did we start pursuing goals that look great on paper but have nothing to do with our real needs and dreams?

Existing as a pale and joyless, colorless copy of your personality is a personal choice, and my mission is to help people empower themselves and take back control of their choices through more awareness and wholeness of their experiences. A sense of personal meaning and purpose comes with the ability to be creative and innovative, and that makes us feel useful and valuable.

See why it’s worth asking to be your own creator and ask to transform your thinking and decision-making processes to experience the pleasure of freedom, ease and flight of thought again!  Check the InnovaCeption Transformational Programm at  and learn more about the innoative-creative burnout prevention. 

Transform your thinking and decision-making processes and experience the pleasure of personal freedom, cognitive ease and emotional comfort!

InnovaCeption change your mind set

Openness to the new and unknown is an adaptive human skill in personal and business terms, as change itself is our most natural state. When we want to take a step forward in life, career or business , sometimes we are confronted with our chaotic emotions, difficult thoughts, self-harm habits, negative judgments of others and personal fears. As a result, we quickly lose motivation and desire to continue to change and develop. We feel stagnant and live on autopilot. We remain somewhat unfocused, slow, inconsistent and confused. We feel unreal, as if we are not living our lives and our activities have no meaning.

Losing our sense of self is like stopping breathing for a long time and remaining powerless, empty and lonely.

Losing sight of ourselves and our work is sometimes the price we pay to start over and reconnect with ourselves. We don’t always know where we are, who we are and where we need to start changing. Sometimes that moment lasts forever, ordering our days monotonously and deafeningly. A sense of haunting emptiness and chaos takes over our thoughts and we become permanently incapacitated and unproductive.

Are we ready to try once more to sort out our inner world? Do we know what we can accomplish with ourselves in 10 sessions of structured work?

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I know it takes time for a person to recover and feel comfortable in their skin again. We need recharging to get back to our important roles and find new meaningful expressions of ourselves. We need knowledge and skills to improve our personal and business productivity system.

For the past 10 years I have been helping people at a crossroads to reinvent themselves through their ideas, thoughts and desires, work and business. Getting back to our authentic thinking makes us feel active, productive and energized. Building an authentic personal brand makes us creative, innovative and actionable. And being able to plan goals and strategies increases our effectiveness as people without burnout.

I create scientific-psychological trainings for personal and professional development to find fulfillment and a path in life. The most exciting way for me remains to transform ourselves through creativity and innovation because these choices bring freedom, independence, creativity and innovation.

Be innovative and creative

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The sustainable change requires a specific purpose, strategy and context. It is a process that requires patience and a new way of thinking. People have great ideas, but over time they lose momentum and discipline because they think in ways that limit them, and lack clarity and certainty about where to go.

Chaotic steps lead to results that often don’t satisfy us. We feel that we have failed, and we begin to think that there is no point in trying anymore.

InnovaCeption Julika Novkova Phd

People stop not because they fail, but because they systematically burn out in their unproductivity and lose confidence in themselves and their purpose


What prevents us from getting back our innovative-creative charge?

There are personality traits that negatively affect our ability to create and innovate:

  • Lack of curiosity;
  • Rigidity;
  • Inertia;
  • Anxiety;
  • Fear of failure and others’ judgments;
  • Fear of the unknown and the new;
  • Feelings of loss of control and powerlessness;
  • Lack of self-awareness;
  • Inability to goal-set and plan;
  • Lack of activity and agency;
  • Lack of appropriate habits and discipline;
  • Dysfunctional attitudes and beliefs;
  • Social isolation and lack of counter support;
  • High bias towards personal point of view.

InnovaCeption Julika Novkova Phd

Here’s what we need to be able to do in order to cope with greater ease, effectiveness and personal significance:

  • To tolerate the new and the unknown;
  • To begin again and again;
  • To move forward without fear or disappointment;
  • To be able to keep our composure in difficult moments;
  • To stay connected to others through values and sharing;
  • To stay cool and calm;
  • To make informed decisions without hesitation;
  • To do with ease even the things we don’t like in the here and now;
  • To not lose the meaning of our existence and work in difficult moments;

Why do we choose to live aimlessly and on autopilot, abandoning our goals and dreams?

InnovaCeption Julika Novkova Phd

Do the things you love with InnovaCeption

When we’re looking for personal meaning, the best way is to rediscover it through the things we love to do and have talent in. Being useful to another with your skills and knowledge is a really profound way to believe in yourself again and be connected to others.

InnovaCeption is a model for personal transformation through innovation and creativity, through which we move smoothly and directionally through 7 stages of personal transformation to restore our productivity, energy and resilience. It only takes 7-10 weeks to learn to think about ourselves differently and change our mindset towards creative-innovative creation. The rest is practice and self-discipline to maintain high levels of personal productivity and to keep actively making decisions.

I created my approach to shifting perceptions through innovative-creative masterful thinking for the “here and now” after 10 years of working with business leaders, entrepreneurs, freelancers, organizations and their teams. Here I have published the entire theoretical-empirical metacognitive model for personal change through innovation and creativity to help people be synergistic, motivated and productive.

InnovaCeption Julika Novkova Phd

How InnovaCeption changes our worldview?

I would like to believe that there is a magic wand to take away people’s pain, fatigue, frustrations and fears, but I haven’t found that magic yet. However, there are principles from applied psychology that do help us transform more easily, more shared, and with the feeling of being comfortable in our own skin.

As a performance psychologist, I am committed to inventing methods, tools and systems to improve people, teams and organisations. This approach is highly personalized care for the human factor in business and requires commitment, (self-)empathy and altruism. Going through difficulties alone is a personal choice, isn’t it?

InnovaCeption by Julika Novkova PhD

Seeing your own strength is really motivating and inspiring, but when you have lost faith in yourself, the most motivating thing is to see hope for your future.


People are invaluable and their potential is to create

We can learn to create and express our ideas and concepts freely. We can even bring them to life by turning them into our careers, tangible or digital products. If we don’t know how we think and what stops us, we can’t analyze, set goals, prioritize, innovate, and create things of value.

One cannot fully monitor one’s own mind. That’s why various psychological tools and techniques come to the rescue, acting as a mirror – to see ourselves as we really see ourselves. And this is where I find real inspiration for change – we can rearrange our inner world so that we can observe the manifestations of this new harmony in our physical world as well.

The path from idea to realization runs primarily through our minds and senses.

InnovaCeption Julika Novkova PhD

What we can change for you together?

Do you know how to take the next step without losing your direction, motivation and desire for change again? Do you need clarity, structure and consistency? Is it important to feel an internal logic and meaning from your efforts and actions?

Here’s how InnovaCeption will help with you for your transformation:

  • You’ll complete a specially designed questionnaire so we can get to know you and understand where you are;
  • We’ll articulate a clear vision of the direction you want to go;
  • Each week we will look at a different aspect of your innovation-creation change process;
  • Each day you will have a personal coaching session to work independently , and with a personal plan you will receive
  • feedback on each exercise at the end of the week;
  • We will hold online meetings according to your plan to discover new perspectives together;
  • We’ll walk through the entire process of innovative-creative transformation in the context of a goal that’s important to you;
  • We’ll talk about the obstacles that sabotage you, through the lens of specificity and personal value;
  • We’ll find meaning and value in being creative and innovative the way we want to be.

What are the key skills we will work on together?

  • Self-reflection and self-monitoring skills;
  • Focusing on one’s own personality;
  • Assessment of th internal states and stress management;
  • Mindfulness, awareness,  and anchoring in the “here and now”;
  • Emotional self-control skills;
  • Coping with expectations, evaluations and external pressures from others;
  • Managing the difficult emotions, thoughts and habits;
  • Goal setting and confidence in personal worth;
  • Enhancing the personal effectiveness and productivity;
  • Planning and following a strategic goal;
  • Analyzing actions and resources;
  • Increasing the  overal  self-esteem.
  • Achieving an exceptional self-affiliation.


Not sure if you need some professional help?

Evaluate how you perceive that you manage your stress and how productive and effective you consider you are. Seek professional help if you realise that you don’t want to cope with this stage of your life alone. You matter!

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InnovaCeption Julika Novkova Phd

You are the most important system in your life & business, invest in yourself!

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