Is Your Anger Costing You More Than You Realize?

Discover your power and manage your anger without suppressing it

People want to manage their anger because effective emotional self-control leads to improved mental and physical health, better relationships, increased work productivity, and overall enhanced quality of life.

Dr. Juls Novkova, Ph.D., Business Psychologist and CEO of Juls’ Psychology

Let’s face the complexity of life together

If you keep suppressing your anger because you are trying to be a nicer person, you will eventually explode. And that is the way it is. Period.

The anger modality is all about dominance, control and superiority. Let me be clear – we definitely need to know how to get and keep our positions in life and business, so anger is a valuable alarm. But if you go from 0 to 100 in 10 seconds, THAT can destroy everything you have been trying to build for years. And this reality can be disappointing and disheartening. Now take your time and follow me to the end of this longer article and I will do my best to explain why this particular emotion is so hard to manage.

Let me show you another perspective on YOUR anger: it can be a powerful catalyst for positive change and personal growth. You don’t have to suppress it, you don’t have to betray who you are and what you believe! You just have to find YOUR way that works for YOUR personality and YOUR current situation. The e-book I’m about to introduce may or may not be a shortcut to that goal, but either way this should be your TOP priority: self-control and mindfulness.

Why are mindfulness and self-control key to managing anger?

In my 15 years of exclusive 1:1 consulting with business leaders, I’ve learned that anger is not just an emotion. It’s a reaction triggered by our perceptions. It is a behavior that, throughout the process of socialization, is cultivated and nurtured by our environment.

What does this mean for the general population? If you pay attention to WHAT makes you angry WHEN you get angry, you can try to choose to react differently. And that is the easy part! The problem is that anger is such a powerful emotion, designed by nature to keep us safe and whole, that when it rises in our bodies it clouds our minds and prevents us from thinking rational and making logical decisions. So we simply react impulsively with the response we have seen as successful.

To be able to stop and delay your physical reaction when everything in your inner world is screaming for revenge and justice is a wisdom that comes with trial and error. That’s why you need to be able to stand still, to observe, to feel and to change reactions. The bad news here is that it will take some time, effort, awareness and a lot of self-doubt and disappointment to set yourself on a different path.

The good news is that once you’ve cracked your code, it’s for life. You can’t escape your morals and core beliefs, so you’ll just find better ways to support and express them. My e-book has the power to make things one step clearer, easier and more effective, and yet – the work is still on you, so it’s not the ultimate panacea for your pain. But it can be a great start, don’t you think?

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Let’s talk about the E-book

My E-book is a professional mini psychological training , called “The Way of the Silent Self” , dedicated to the idea of managing anger through mindfulness and self-control.

Designed for those who value inner peace while recognizing the power of emotions, this guide empowers you to harness the wisdom behind anger. Learn to channel this powerful emotion into positive actions that align with your values and aspirations, rather than simply living in the shadow of anger’s intensity.

It’s a gentle nudge that helps you learn to delay your reaction while still being able to assess the situation. Explore and choose from a variety of specific professional psychological tools, methods and mental techniques to make better decisions that are aligned with your intentions.

Train your skills and master your personality at your own pace, from any device.

Ebook on anger management 4 steps to achieve your goal with this Ebook, by Juls Psy

Who can get the most out of this e-book?

Use the anger management E- book “The Way of the Silent Self” to unlock your potential: Mastering Mindfulness and Self-Control. This mini PsyTraining will be very helpful especially if:

  • Your job/life style involves leading, organizing, managing, training and/or caring for people;
  • You feel you can’t set healthy boundaries;
  • You feel emotionally burnt out;
  • You need to master your personality and communication skills;
  • You feel you have so much more to give to others.

With this expert guidance, you’ll discover how to identify triggers, understand root causes and use practical techniques to control your response to anger, leading to improved relationships, better decision-making and a stronger, more respected presence in your professional and personal life.

What’s inside the E-book?

The start of a new journey can be overwhelming, I can understand that! I would like to support you and help you to orientate yourself as to whether the E-book is what you are looking for as a solution. Download the PDF with chapter descriptions for more information about the process and methodology , used in The Way of the Silent Self by clicking here.

Embark on the journey to a more balanced, empowered you!

About Dr. Juls Novkova, Ph.D.

I work with people with very high levels of creative and physical energy who are trying to change the world itself. They are constantly pushing personal and life boundaries to become who they want to be and do what they believe they are meant to do.
Anger is a key to finding our freedom and authenticity, and I’ve come to understand the nuances of human behavior and the profound impact it has on our personal and professional lives.

We all know that uncontrolled anger and behavior has the capacity to destroy everything we have built with a single blow. I’d like to support you and show you how I help my clients to create a highly personalized system for regulating their emotions and behaving authentically. But this is not a journey I take alone; I’m here to share it with you through this e-book, ‘The Way of the Silent Self’.

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Transform Anger into Your Greatest Asset

This isn’t about eradicating a crucial part of your emotional spectrum but learning how to harness it constructively. Through interactive exercises, printable worksheets, and a step-by-step journey, we delve deep into the connection between your personality and how you handle anger.

Discover the powerful WHY behind your emotions and the strategic HOW to navigate them, turning potential outbursts into opportunities for growth, better decision-making, and enriched relationships in both your personal and professional realms. By the end of the process, you’ll not only be able to manage your anger, you’ll have turned it into a new-found strength, ensuring that you remain a respected and influential figure without the fear of losing control.

Start your journey towards a more empowered, balanced self today!

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Taking control of your emotions can be overwhelming, because sometimes it takes too much time, effort and energy to achieve the ultimate goal!

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