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Julika Novkova PhD

“Your personal business psychologist believes in you. Sometimes that’s all you need to move forward.”

Dr. Juls Novkova, Ph.D.

Hello, I am Juls!

Welcome to Juls’ Psychology – the place where business psychology helps you creates new worlds! 

I am Dr. Julika Novkova, Ph.D. (Juls), business psychologist, organizational consultant, university lecturer, certified business trainer, mentor and entrepreneur, founder of  Juls’ Psychology  Bulgaria & Juls’ Psychology International .  I am the founder of InnovaCeption International – a transformational program for entrepreneurs and business leaders for a creative and innovative personal development without burnout.

I also developed Autopoiesis 4.0, a systematic organizational approach for an altruistic organizational culture development and organizational change management. Do we have a common professional field?

For over 15 years, my work has helped business leaders effectively manage the people, processes, and tasks in their organizations. The starting point for personal and business transformation is human perception. It’s how we approach ourselves, the world, business and people.

I am happy to support my clients and together we share knowledge, experience, understanding and personal meaning. We look for solutions and shortcuts. My role is to keep the focus on the process and observe how people feel as they walk their path. From my point of view it is important how you experience your work and life, would you agree with me on this?

I like to see people become self-aware, self-empowered and self-structured into a sense of extreme self-ownership. We are able to see opportunity in situations where before we only saw frustration, lack of control and emptiness. You don’t have to walk the path alone, you can learn to let go and to delegate!

The most important resource for success is our personality.

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Here are my professional qualifications, interests, directions and tools:

  • Psychology all the way – from 2006 to 2019 I’ve been studying psychology at SU since 2006 in the following areas & topics: personality psychology, social psychology, economic psychology, behavioural psychology, positive psychology, organisational & industrial psychology, occupational psychology, developmental psychology, differential psychology, experimental psychology and statistics in psychology, counselling psychology, psychophysiology, psychosomatics, and psycholinguistics, business coaching, enterpreneurship nd innovations, leareship & management, group dynamics, team building and group effectiveness, business development & strategic management, brand and social responsibility, change management, human recource management, conflicf management, staff training and development, organisational culture & climate, consumer behavior, project management.
  • Sociology of personality – how personality is formed as a self in relation to social and group dynamics;
  • Economic sociology – Analysis of economic phenomena such as markets, business, e-commerce, social services, with the tools of sociology and psychology.
  • Individual, group and organisational psychological counselling – psychological skills in diagnosis, analysis, strategic planning, intervention and supervision on the human side of business relationship management.
  • Certified Business Trainer – I help professionals to personally improve their presentation, business communication, marketing, advertising and sales skills.
  • Certified Sales Expert for Recruiters and HR – I help recruiters and HR professionals connect more easily with candidates in their organisations.
  • Certified ICT and Digital Tools Expert – I help recruiters use digital tools and software to create documentation, processes and procedures, and to create and maintain social profiles, portfolios and websites.
  • Human2Human Strategic Business Consulting – we study the behaviour of people inside and outside the organisation, online and in person, in the context of human perceptions and improve the organisation of activities and communication, processes, procedures and management of human creative potential.
  • Strategic brand building and digital wellbeing for people and businesses – I am passionate about Psychology 4.0. I really enjoy helping to create a digital representation of the inner reality of a business or human being. There is something magical about capturing the essence of the soul (there is a person behind every business) and helping that creative and innovative energy spread, bringing positive change and deeper meaning to all.

Business is a reality created BY people FOR people.

Why perceptions matter in business?

The starting point for personal and business transformation is human perception and how we approach ourselves, the world, businesses and people. We are able to see opportunities in situations where only a moment ago we could only see frustration, lack of control and emptiness.

I like to see people become self-aware, self-empowered and self-structured into a sense of extreme self-ownership. I like to see them take control of their world, searching for the authentic anchor by asking “Who am I?

To manage personal and business change effectively, we need first and foremost to think clearly, to use our inner logic and to dare to make decisions. Balanced emotions and focused thinking are the two most powerful tools we have to re-order the chaos in our world and to create our own unique and systematic order.

You cant’ see what you can’t see

Professional Biography

In 2022/2023 and 2023/2024 Dr. Novkova became part of the University of National and World Economy as a part-time lecturer, assistant to Аssociate Professor Donka Nikova, Ph.D. from UNWE., at the Department of Economic Sociology, giving lectures and seminars in the following disciplines Social Psychology, Economic Psychology and Social Interaction and Sociometrics.

In 2019 Dr. Novkova successfully defended her dissertation thesis on “Personality Determinants of Innovative Attitudes in Managers” at the Department of Social, Organizational, Clinical and Pedagogical Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy, Sofia University, creating a theoretical-empirical psychoprofile of contemporary synergistic, innovative business leaders

In the academic years, 2019/2020 and 2020/2021, Dr Novkova led seminars in the discipline of “Economic Psychology” in the undergraduate program “General Psychology” at the Department of Psychology at St. Cliement Ohridski University, Bulgaria as a part-time lecturer, assistant to Аssociate Professor Donka Nikova, Ph.D. from UNWE.

Between 2016 and 2021, Dr. Novkova has been a frequent guest of media and informal learning networks to raise awareness of the role of modern applied psychology in personal and business development. She is a mentor in several networks supporting the development of youth potential. She is also part of an international network supporting women victims of domestic violence. Julika says mentoring is an important part of her personality and she gives a lot of care and attention to her mentees.

After graduating as a Master in 2012 from Sofia University, she immediately started working as a Research Fellow at the University Center for Conflict Management and Organizational Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy at Sofia University and held the position until November 2019. She has been involved in numerous national and international research projects in the field of leadership, management, entrepreneurship and innovation development and has authored several national business studies herself.

In 2013-2014 she was part of the Graduate School of Insurance and Finance in the Master’s program. Ss а part-time lecturer, assistant to prof. Mirjana Radovic from Serbia, to prof. Krum Krumov and to Senior Assistant Plama Hristova, Ph.D. from Sofia University, she conducted seminars in the following disciplines: Social Psychology, Economic Psychology, and Social interaction and Sociometrics.

In 2009, she became certified as a business coach trainer and conducts trainings and workshops in sales, professional presentation and soft skills. In 2006, she began her Bachelor’s degree in General Psychology.

The Juls’ Psychology Project and Network

In 2010, Julika has created the Juls’ Psychology brand and developed her business as a Personal Business Psychologist & Organizational Consultant Executive Business Skills Trainer. The first platform for Juls’ Psychology Bulgaria started in 2016. The content at the  www.julspsychology.com is in Bulgarian language, because Julika wants to support the Eastern European entrepreneurs to be more informed, spontaneous, and courageous.

Later, in 2019, she started the Juls’ Psychologi International project at Julspsy.com  to bring awareness among the western entrepreneurs that burnout prevention is a multifaceted construct. Later the created Innovaception.com platform to help business leaders be more creative, innovative and productive withour burning out.

Experts need to develop a broad skill set to adapt to the ever-changing business environment without burnout. When we calm our overanalyzing minds and drained bodies, when we bring back the control over our internal states, then we become more focused, creative, innovative, and productive.

The high levels of activity can push us to be more proactive and brave when it comes to idea generation and decision-making, but it puts us at a higher risk of burning out. People who make authentic decisions feel that their efforts have a deeper, personal meaning. They are tending to feel more satisfied and valuable.

From a psychological perspective, the natural outcome of enhanced personal creativity and innovativeness is burnout prevention and long-lasting productivity, because cherishing your creative-innovative sources starts with understanding how to preserve them and how to recharge your brain to be capable of idea generation.

Julika Novkova Personal and business psychologist online

Julika is the creator of the Autopoiesis 4.0 organizational and business development model, which helps business leaders build and manage their models in object-based and digital environments.

Julika is also the founder of InnovaCeption, a model for personal transformation through innovation and creativity. Juls helps business leaders manage internal and external change more effectively through innovation, creativity and authenticity.

Her research interest is primarily focused on micro and small business owners and managers, but she also has experience as an organizational consultant in larger organizations. She conducts one-on-one personal coaching with entrepreneurs, managers and freelancers.

Juls’ Psychology is built around a community of micro and small business models whose owners are trying to make a qualitative difference in Bulgarian and European business. Each business model is becoming a disruptor in its niche as benefits are chased through efficient management and optimized cost.

Personal Business Training is a hands-on approach structured around solving personal and business cases using personalised psychological and business tools and methods.

In the Juls’ Psychology blogs (International and Bulgaria), Julika publishes original work based on a scientific research approach and empirical evidence in the field of Psychology, Business Modeling, Entrepreneurship, Consumer Behavior, Marketing, and Strategic Planning. The intersection between the studied domains is the individual – the creator and the carrier of the business. All the models are based on the STEM approach in Psychology, using different statistical methods to evaluate and analyze the instrumentation.

The 1:1 consultation

Working with a closed system (person, group and organisation) requeires a personalized approach.  The result is an in-depth and personal contact with each client. I find this kind of interaction meaningful because it helps the person to improve the quality of life and business by relying on herself/himself and others.

We can’t save the whole world, but we can save one person’s or community’s whole world.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders learn new skills to manage their people and processes, improving their personal resilience and flexibility to deal with uncertainty, risk and change.

I develop the questionnaires I work with herself, which allows me to adapt the systematic analysis approach to a concrete and specific context. The solutions I am trying to offer are strictly customized to ensure their effectiveness and applicability.

Entrepreneurs don’t fail, they just stop, because sometimes it’s just too hard to take another step.

Dr. Juls Novkova, Ph.D.

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You are the most important system in your life & business, invest in yourself!

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