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Autopoiesis 4.0 by Julika Novkova Ph.D.

Let’s talk about business from a Human2Human perspective!

D-r Julika Novkova, Ph.D.

Why do people get unmotivated and unproductive over time?

From my perspective as a business psychologist, with 15 years of experience in the field,

modern organisations are rapidly evolving, agile, fluid and dynamically changing.

Business systems evolve faster than the people involved in the development of the same organisations. Therefore, we need a different perspective and professional observation, dedicated only to human needs, understanding, beliefs, biases and communication dysfunctions.

If we understand how our imperfect consciousness creates gaps between the reality, the control of risks and the achievement of objectives, we can establish better processes both for the business model itself and for the people at the different levels of the organisation.

What can we do to have stability and change simultaneously?

Change management requires us to believe that we have a relatively high degree of control over the organisation, people and market dynamics in order to create a working strategy for business development.

On the other hand, the systematic approach teaches us to accept the forces of entropy. These forces will begin to disrupt our model as soon as we start to implement our strategy. The balance between these two forces is crucial for our survival. Too much entropy and we will experience more uncertainty, a bleak future and chaos. Too much planning and control and we will be unable to adapt to the ever-changing reality outside.

Learn to balance

How can we balance inertia and drive to innovate & change?

Business models are like people – there is no ‘one size fits all’ solutions to their problems. My approach is highly personalized, requiers time, efforts, focus, and recurces. In our mixed reality (objective & online), it is relatively easy to over-control people and directly affect how they work. When such an approach is unnecessary (e.g. there is no crisis), people become rigid and lack proactivity. They become executors, waiting for “orders” and tasks, and do not get involved in filling the gaps themselves.

Business is a reality created BY people FOR people.

I’ve developed my Autopoiesis 4.0 organisational consulting methodology, based on Psychology 4.0, understanding that human perceptions distort organisational learning and productivity in digital and physical environments. This phenomenon affects every aspect of human relations in business. Not surprisingly, resistance is encountered at every turn.

My approach helps to effectively design and build a business system as a living, self-sustaining organism. Its normal state is homeostasis. But homeostasis here is between the objective characteristics of the organisation and the environment and how individuals perceive them. Why is this “adjustment” of realities necessary?

Learn to let go

When people feel they fit organically into a place, they are innovative, creative and consistent in their decisions. This makes them focused and productive in setting and achieving goals. They are passionate about their work and have a sense of purpose in the search for new solutions and creative ideas.

Conversely, when people feel that they are making a mental and emotional effort to adapt to their professional environment, they quickly tire of making decisions. They are flooded with difficult feelings and do not produce quality solutions. There is a loss of sense of personality and a lack of value in what they do. They simply burn out.

Help your organisation and the people in it to feel that they belong organically to the values, structure, goals and processes. They will take ownership of their development!

What is the main structure of the process behind Autopoiesis 4.0?

Autopoiesis 4.0 is not a deterministic but a probabilistic approach. This means that what people think, feel or do cannot be predicted with 100% certainty. However, based on your experience and what I’ve observed, we’re going to be able to predict relatively accurately in the short term. On that basis, we will try to formulate broader, long-term patterns.

Know your mind

There are a number of steps that we do together in order to have a better understanding of the human side of your business:

  • Organisational diagnostics;
  • Mission, vision and goal assessment;
  • Assessment of leadership and management styles and practices;
  • Process and procedure assessment;
  • Communication flow assessment;
  • Identifying gaps between aspiration and reality
  • Finding sources for the gabs
  • Search for approaches, tools and methods to fill the gabs;
  • Setting new frameworks if needed;
  • Setting new KPS if necessary;
  • Set new organisational climate if needed
  • Implementing the strategy
  • Monitoring and controlling
  • Support & redesign if needed in time

There is now perfect succes or failure by Julika Novkova

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