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What stops YOU from achieving your personal and business goals, being focused and productive, creating and developing, and connecting meaningfully with others?

It’s not an easy decision to ask for help, because we have to admit that we don’t have the answers. Here are the most common questions and the best known solutions (read the detailed description bellow):

  • Online psychological consulting session (60 minutes);
  • Professional Psychological Questionnaire;
  • Personalized tools & approach;
  • Suggestions for further reading and exercises.

Try to understand yourself, your perceptions, experience, values, thoughts, feelings, and typical reactions to master your personality!

Dr. Juls Novkova, Ph.D. /CEO at Juls’ Psychology

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Best plan for essential insights

Why is “knowledge” not enough for a change?

We are so absorbed in learning new things that we sometimes forget that our personality, decisions, productivity, motivation, resilience and positive attitude are not about understanding but about action.

Do we understand why we fail to follow what we know is going to work best for us?

Based on my experience over the last 15 years as a life & business psychologist, there is a powerful force within us that pulls us back and prevents us from taking that golden first step.
Let’s find out together what is holding YOU back and make that desired step more visible, real and manageable.


What to expect from our dynamic consulting session?

My approach differs from typical psychological counselling (which is relatively broad and generic). I create highly personalized, more “technical” and “actionable” solutions for personal & business transformation for my clients as a PhD level consultant with 15 years of mastery in both academic and business settings.

“Talk with me” plan is an online psychological consulting service that helps people unfold their own story in an authentic way.

  • You will receive a professional psychological questionnaire before the session to help you focus and prioritize your personal needs, goals, and desires.
  • During the online session (60 minutes) you will have a clearer vision of the bigger picture in your journey and hopefully we will be able to ask the “right” questions and find the best fitting solutions;
  • You will learn how to use highly personalized psychological tools and approaches that best suit your personality type and the complex issues you are currently facing;
  • You will be provided with some additional information & literature for further development.


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