Free Online Test

Internal States Self-Assessment Scale

Not sure if you need some professional help?

Evaluate how you perceive that you manage your stress and how productive and effective you consider you are. Seek professional help if you realise that you don’t want to cope with this stage of your life alone. You matter!

Use my free Internal States Self-Assessment Scale to review your subjective perceptions. If you’re not sure you need to talk to a professional, check the interpretations below and find a clue what you may need to bring back the control.

Please follow the statements below and find the one that describes your situation. Try to answer “Yes” or “No” to the statements quickly and do not overthink your perceptions. Remember, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to feel, so let’s find your experience in the “here and now.”

1.I feel mentally overwhelmed and lost
2.I feel like I lost my purpose, meaning, and direction
3.I am under stress and constant pressure
4.I experience anxiety and fears, and my mental state is unstable
5.I have mixed feelings and disappointments about myself
6.I do not enjoy the here and now
7.I am overwhelmed by dark thoughts and feelings about the future
8.I have low productivity and endless to-do lists
9.I have low efficiency and unsatisfying results
10.I experience passivity, procrastination and lack of discipline
11.I have a loss of motivation and desire to act
12.I have lost relationships with meaningful people
13.I am feeling frustrated by the constant need for change
14.I am afraid of making new mistakes
15.I no longer do the meaningful things I used to do
16.I have no previous passion for the stuff
17.I don’t know if I need something new and different
18.I feel a lack of energy and desire to do things and be active
19.I don’t feel connected to others
20.I don’t talk about my feelings and thoughts with others
21.I have dark thoughts and feelings related to my personality
22.I feel like I’m failing no matter how hard I try
23.I feel I’m not having good luck
24.I feel there’s no point in continuing to do what I’m doing
25.I think if I don’t make some changes, I’m going to explode