Why do you have to be good at selling?

Improve your sales skills with Juls Psychology

Do you believe that one person, in general, has the power to make a difference in the lives of many others?
And do you believe that one person could be YOU?

Whatever the answer, either way you’ll know WHY you’ve come here and what you might really need to talk about: 

Your battles to turn your online presence into real sales.

Discover how business psychology can help influence economic decisions and build trust with your audience.

Sales Performance Consulting

Why sales can burn you out?

Do you feel exhausted and losing faith in yourself and your abilities because you can’t selling direct? You’re not alone.

You pour your heart and soul into creating great content, you try your best to be consistent even when you start to question the purpose of it all. And you feel the real struggle to turn that marketing attention into sales and profits.

Many talented solopreneurs and entrepreneurs find themselves in the same predicament, not knowing how to effectively market what they’re selling. I want to emphasize that the emotional toll this struggle takes on you, such as feeling drained, losing faith in your abilities and experiencing burnout, is not a necessary price to pay for being in business (and yet many out there still choose not to change despite the results that speak for themselves). 

It’s time to break this cycle of frustration and get results.  Let me show you how, by simply overcoming your sales challenges and learning how to effectively market your offerings, you can bridge this gap and take your business to new heights.

Strategic Marketing Consulting

How Business Psychology 1:1 Consulting can clear the clouds?

Business Psychology applies tools and approaches from sales, marketing and business psychology that can help you develop a strong personal brand and convert clients through clear offers and effective communication. 

You can apply business psychology if you fit one or more of the following descriptions: 

  • You keep your marketing in-house and you do it all on your own;
  • You don’t delegate sales and aren’t sure what your sales strategy is;
  • You are not sure which of your content is the real deal and what sales tools you have or are missing;
  • You’re generating some leads but struggling to close them;
  • You get some interest in what you have to offer, but not enough to actually buy;
  • You’re unable to sell at your full price;
  • You are trying to generate some new sales using only financial “hooks” such as discounts.
  • You have never defined a structured process for sales and you are not sure where you are in the sales process when you negotiate.

I could go on, but my guess is that you’re familiar with this picture and it’s normal! Most of my clients are not good at proposals, negotiations and sales.

My job is to help you resolve your inner struggles and conflicts about money, marketing, sales (which I know has a very controversial image in our society) and the delivery of quality and meaning through your services, products and beautiful and consistent online presence.

When it comes to business, you have to learn to play by the rules of the market. No matter how you feel.

Our solution for your sales skills?

You are a special combination of values, morals and mindset. You need a personalized sales process that respects and emphasizes your personal touch and purpose in business.

Book your exclusive 1:1 session and discover the strategies and techniques that will transform your sales approach. Stop spinning your wheels and start using proven business psychology techniques to attract and convert your ideal clients. 

Together we’ll uncover the mindset shifts and practical steps needed to create clear, meaningful and desirable proposals, master the art of negotiation and confidently set prices that reflect the true value of your offerings. Let’s work together to unlock your full potential and achieve the success you deserve.

Don’t continue down the same path of exhaustion and disappointment.


About me

I’m Juls. I have a PhD in Organizational Psychology and 15 years of experience as a business and organizational consultant.  I am passionate about empowering small business owners to develop a strong personal brand that will convert into sales and give them the socio-economic status and stability that they need and believe that a business can bring to them. Read more about me here.

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