Payment & Security Policy

payment security is extremely important to us

The security of your payment is extremely important to us at Juls’Psy.com.

Please read our Payment & Security Policy before you purchase from our site!

1. Payments via Stripe:

All credit & debit card payments are processed via a secure gateway powered by Stripe (www.stripe.com).

We never receive your credit card or other payment information, nor do we have access to your payment information, so we do not store your payment information. Stripe provides the best online credit card processing solution in the world, handling our payment security.

Stripe processes transactions on their own network. This means that sensitive data never reaches our servers, so neither we nor potential hackers have access to our customers’ credit card information. Designed specifically for web-based financial transactions, Stripe has implemented several layers of protection. Stripe also has PCI Service Provider Level 1 certification, which is the highest level of security certification for the payment card industry.

2. Payments via PayPal

Paypal payments are processed through Paypal. You will be redirected to the Paypal site during checkout.

3. Payments via Bank Transfer

You may choose to pay by bank transfer from your personal account to our bank account.
As a merchant, before we can deliver our products or services, we must wait for you to take action, complete the payment, send us the payment order, and for the funds to arrive in our bank account. For more information and bank account details, please contact us at support[@]julspsy.com.

4. Security Policy

Security Policy by JulsPsy

We take online security seriously, which is why our website Security Policy uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (https): a combination of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to provide a safe and secure channel to communicate with our customers.

Look for the icon on the side of the URL (our web address). This icon is a graphical indicator that the service should be secure, or at least have some level of security. It indicates that HTTPS is used, accepted as a secure way to communicate. Click the symbol for more information on our certificate.

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