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Why do people stop to change, evolve and create?

Over the past 15 years I have worked with many people. They all have something in common with each other: they were all dealing with negative self-talk, self-doubts, stress, mistakes and lost hope. They wanted to develop their potential, to become effective and productive individuals, and to leave something innovative and meaningful behind.

People don’t fail to achieve their goals. They just stop pursuing them when it gets too hard.

Not sure if you need some professional help?

To start the change you need to realize that YOU are the decision maker and I am just a facilitator and an observer of the process. My role is to give you some space and time, some tools and ideas, and most importantly – to ask the “right” questions.

I may not have all your answers, but I’ll try to ask the right questions that will eventually lead you to your truth.

Allow me to help you better understand the connection between the human mind, feelings, body, behavior, decisions, creativity, innovation, sustainability and development. Change the way you live, work, connect and perceive!

Work and live with a flexible mindset

Human perceptions of reality underpin and influence every aspect of modern life and business. There are many reasons why for some of us, at some point, the horizon becomes distorted. It takes time, focus, attention, knowledge and skills to make sense of it.

When we are faced with the unknown, the unpredictable and the pure chaos, we all have a tendency to feel stressed, anxious, angry, insecure and helpless. As a result, our inner energy diminishes, our motivation declines, and we lose our sense of purpose, direction and meaning.

Manage your systems effectively by changing your mindset and organizational skills. Analyze, prioritize and redesign your personal and professional life. Breathe life into it. Be bold and open to new ideas, tools and ways of doing things. Live more productive days and try not to let unmanaged difficult emotions drain your energy.

Your imperfect personality is someone's entire perfect universe.

Be calm and communicate your ‘NO’ effectively

Why is it so difficult to communicate without getting angry, disappointed or confused?
Perhaps maintaining our freedom requires not violating other people’s boundaries while creating a safe space for ourselves?

Struggling with anger episodes is part of our dynamic and fast time. It takes some extra effort to become a great communicator and to express what you need, want and aim for without destroying the world inside and around you.

There are some great tools and techniques that can help you to calm down and to keep your focus on what is important, without any fear, shame or guilt.

Be authentic and mindful

What is “mindfulness” and why is it so important for us to develop this great life skill?

Being present and fully aware of the reality of the here and now is the essence of the mindfulness approach. The state of mindfulness is the feeling of being full of thoughts and feelings, of ideas and impulses, of calmness and relaxation.
When your mind is full of yourself in the here and now, you are able to experience your whole self with a greater sense of self-belonging and self-sufficiency.

Reconnecting with your body, mind and soul allows you to better understand what is driving your behaviour here and now. Understanding the ‘why’ and ‘how’ you got there will help you to understand what free will means and to experience the gift of free choice.

D-r Julika Novkova, Ph.D.

In psychological terms, free will is generally the ability to make conscious decisions about what to take from life and what to give in return. All the magic in our lives comes at a price, which we often pay with our very soul. And while not every choice is easy to make, they are all required to live with the consequences – whether they be positive or negative.
Become more connected to yourself and make decisions according to your true needs, morality and vision of life, love and liberty.

Be productive without burning out

Finding the right balance between working, living and caring is not easy. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by public standards and expectations, unfulfilled desires and broken dreams. We struggle to be calm and happy, productive and flexible. And sometimes we don’t have enough energy and time to deal with life’s misfortunes. Or to keep up with our busy schedules and endless tasks.

At such moments, we feel that our life has come to a standstill. We miss one opportunity after another, while struggling to catch our next breath. And instead of giving ourselves a proper time to recover and relax, we are pushing our exhausted minds and bodies to pursue goals, results, happiness, power and fame.

Burnout, I believe, is a process, a condition and a personal choice, and – thankfully – a completely reversible one!IIt It all starts with the simple question – “Am I this? Is this how I’ve imagined my life to be?
When you start to question your perception of reality, based on your past experiences, it is quite possible that you will discover a completely different image of yourself and a new sense of personal meaning and life.
Protect your life, it is precious! Let me help you discover how to express your free will and how to succeed and live happily without draining your mind, body and soul.

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Change takes time, so does healing

When we have a deep sense of purpose in our lives and our work, we have a greater sense of happiness and satisfaction with ourselves. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions to the question: “How do we get there? It is a mystery, a never-ending quest that one must follow for the rest of one’s days.

I think there is a beauty in the journey itself! But I agree: It takes time to acquire such a perspective!

In my experience, the shortest way to gain a better understanding of our thoughts, feelings and reactions in order to navigate our behaviours and choices with intention is through:

  • Constant change and adaptation;
  • Openness to the new and unknown;
  • Overcoming fear, shame or insecurity;
  • Dealing with anxiety, fear and frustration;
  • Improving our resilience, inner strength and coping skills;
  • Changing our mindset and core values;
  • Subjective control;
  • Improving our body image;
  • Engaging in creativity and innovation;
  • Discovering our own meaning and purpose.

Understanding how your mind works, how it deceives you and how it protects you, will enable you to navigate your attention and focus, to deal with your inner obstacles and to think with confidence about your choices, priorities and actions.

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