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Why do people stop changing, evolving, and creating?

A business psychologist is what you need when trying to understand the human side of business. My work as a personal and business psychologist, executive trainer, organizational consultant, and entrepreneur over the past 10 years has introduced me to innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial people. What were they sharing in common? They all were trying to develop their potential, become effective and productive individuals, and leave something innovative and meaningful behind.

Why do we stop to change and evolve, create relationships, connections, ideas, ways, and meaning? Probably we lose the sense of ground beneath our feet and the wings of hope. How do we take back control? By looking within and reinventing ourselves!


Don’t give up when reality gets too harsh, change your mindset and learn new skills!

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Work and live with flexible mindset

Change your mindset and organizational processes and manage your business system effectively. Analyze, prioritize, reshape and breathe soul into your business structure. Be colorful and innovative!

Every modern business system is based on human perception, knowledge, and skills. If you can manage the risks caused by the human part of your business, you can prevent just some of them.

Let me help you better understand the relationship between the human mind, decision-making, creativity, innovation, sustainability, and technology. A personalized approach will help you discover the most effective ways in your business system to improve organizational performance based on your human potential.

Every important human-related aspect of a business, such as leadership and management, idea development, project management, marketing, sales, training, and development, needs a specific set of tools that organizational psychology can provide.

I am passionate about strategic planning and organizational development because creative and innovative processes flourish when the business system aligns with human needs and organizational goals.

Being an entrepreneur can be exhausting and frustrating, and business psychology can help you reduce internal pressure and deal with stress most effectively. Preventing the toxic work environment is a natural outcome when the business system meets human needs, personal decision-making style, and personal dreams.

Julika Novkova PhD Business Psychologist

Improve your decisions for sustainable change

People do not fail to achieve their personal & business goals. Sometimes they give up because they lack the knowledge, instruments, and skills required to facilitate a meaningful change. In time, people start feeling meaningless, empty, exhausted and drained because it is too heavy to bear all the burdens alone. I imagine this is not the happiest or satisfying way of living your life. There are many reasons why we fail to be where we want to be and why we don’t achieve our goals in good physical and mental health.

Finding the right balance between career, home, and personal needs is not an easy task. Therefore sometimes, we feel overwhelmed by the public standards and expectations, unsatisfied desires, and our broken dreams. We are struggling to have a calm and happy life and to be productive and flexible. And sometimes, we haven’t enough energy and time to cope with life’s misfortunes.

be more productive person

The most valuable instrument for you productivity is your mindset!

I’ve been fascinated by the way our perceptions affect our achievements. Throughout my career, I’ve worked with many people who dared to become entrepreneurs and business leaders.

One, who starts a business, does so with a strong sense of optimism and excitement; a determination to improve their quality of life and that of their family and network. Yet, the statistics are daunting. One in five new enterprises fail in their first year, and half won’t make it past four. Many others struggle with poor work-life balance. Others suffer from entrepreneurial burnout, depressive episodes and an overall lack of personal meaning and purpose in life.

So what is distinguishing between those that survive and succeed from those that don’t?

The answer is simple: it is their character and personality, the combination of their unique and authentic self and their worldview.

Business is an activity created BY humans, FOR humans

Make a brave step

When all the management theory, fashionable ideas, and initial enthusiasm are stripped away, what’s left is the inner strength of business leader in charge. That’s why I created the Juls’ Psychology Project and InnovaCeption Transformational program – to increase awareness of the importance of the business leader’s personality in the success of their venture. 

For me, psychology is all about perception; that combination of emotions, behavior, and mindset that shapes the way we see the world around us.

Creativity is the “salt and pepper” of innovation process.

Modern psychology is a very effective instrument when searching for a path to ourselves. We can discover our potential and meaning both in life & business. We can resolve our inner and external conflicts. We can learn how to accept who we are. And we can find new ways to help others. We can feel comfortable in our own skin and to love our bodies, minds, and souls.

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Business is a never-ending process of adapting to change.  Frequently, entrepreneurs are overwhelmed by the scale of the task and don’t have a support network with which they can share and discuss the problems they face. I help business leaders to consider their own perceptions of how change affects themselves and their companies. My role is to enable them to manage the consequences of that change, and to match their personalities to their evolving business model.

When we need some extra help to resolve our inner conflicts?

If you’re not sure if you need the help of a professional psychologist, take the free self-assessment test and assess how you’re handling things in your life and business.

Explore your perceptions and change

Transform your mind and be productive again

We succeed in being happy and fulfilled with ourselves when we feel a deep sense of purpose in our lives and businesses. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions to the question “How do we like ourselves?”.

Based on my experience, the shortest path to better understanding our thoughts, feelings and reactions is through:

  • constant change and adaptation;
  • openness to new and unknown;
  • overcoming the fear, shame, or insecurity;
  • managing anxiety, fears, and frustrations;
  • improving our resilience,  inner strength, and coping;
  • changing our mindset and core values;
  • subjectively perceived control;
  • improving ur body image;
  • engagement in creativity and innovativeness;
  • discover of our own meaning and purpose.

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Over the past 10 years my work as a personal and business psychologist, executive coach, organizational consultant and entrepreneur has introduced me to innovative, creative and entrepreneurial people. They are all trying to develop their potential, become effective and productive individuals, leaving something meaningful behind.
I am glad that I can be of help to them to withstand personal and business difficulties, to monetize their talents and ideas and to connect in a meaningful way with the people around them.

Successful entrepreneurs know what’s important and what to prioritize.  They keep a close eye on what matters most.  They understand that keeping their business assets in perfect condition leads to greater efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.

You are the driving force of your enterprise.  You have the vision, the strategy and the determination.  Without you, there is no business. Together, we can hone your perceptions in an ever-changing world to maintain the dynamic responsiveness and energy that is the foundation of all successful entrepreneurs.

You are the most important system in your life & business, invest in yourself!

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