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I hope you will find here the solution you need to change your perceptions and achieve your goals with more productivity, efficiency, and flexibility.

How can I help you resolve your riddles?

Explore my main professional scope of practice. Find detailed descriptions of interventions at the individual, group, and organizational levels. If you don’t know where to start, email me directly via the contact form – we can figure things out together. I hope you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for in your personal and professional development!


What personal issues will we address together?

  • Personal innovative-creative transformation, adaptability, and flexibility;
  • Assertiveness and personal boundaries;
  • Personal entrepreneurial skills and business systems;
  • Changing perceptions and mindset;
  • Changing emotional self-control and improving the feeling of “being comfortable in my own skin”;
  • Reducing internal tension, stress, and insecurity;
  • Dealing with anger and toxic relationships through non-violent communication;
  • Increase decision making and goal setting skills;
  • Building or improving a personal productivity system;
  • Empathetic communication and assertive business behavior;
  • Enhance skills to build an authentic personal brand, personal presentation, and digital self-image;
  • Changing professional focus and career path;
  • Increasing the subjectively perceived quality of life;

You’re not your business.
You’re a person, alive and full-blooded.
Your business should be just one of the products you create!

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What business problems will we solve together?

  • Create personality questionnaires to assess your customers’ consumption needs;
  • Refine business identity and the key brand values, messages, and channels;
  • Psycho-profiling for services and product design;
  • Improving work-life balance and more personal independence from the business;
  • Meeting personal and team’s needs;
  • Human potential and talents development;
  • Automation and delegation of processes and tasks; team building;
  • Prevent entrepreneurial burnout and loss of personal meaning.
  • Managing people and processes;
  • Strategies for internal and external communication processes;
  • Strategies for authentic business identity and public image;
  • Designing and digitizing business management and communication processes;
  • Training in the key individual and team business skills;
  • Training for new knowledge and competencies;
  • Building organizational and personal systems;
  • Improving relationships with customers and consumers;
  • Analyzing consumer behavior and adapting the organization to consumer attitudes;
  • Develop and facilitate creative-innovative processes for organizational development;
  • Executive consulting and coaching for effective management and leadership;
  • Strategic planning and business systems development with a focus on the human side of the business;
  • Business modeling for small business owners, self-employed, and freelancers;

Don’t give up on your goals when things get tough.
Change the way you look at things.

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Psychology from A to Z for clear goals, focus and productivity

The mental well-being of business leaders and their employees is the key to their success. No matter how much they know or can do, constant pressure, poor organization, and stress decrease their performance. Being good at what you do doesn’t mean you’re good at managing ideas, feelings, habits, processes, projects, and people, and it is not easy to be a business leader today.

The personal desires of business leaders don’t always match the needs of the business and the market. Conversely, what a business needs to survive doesn’t always match what we want for ourselves as people. The synergistic systems approach I take aims for a high degree of personalization and embraces the specifics of a particular person or team whose individual characteristics will affect the way that person or a team performs:

  • How people perceive goals, objectives, tools, processes, procedures, and environment;
  • How people communicate or do NOT communicate difficulties, opportunities, visions, and risks;
  • How actively or passively people act and implement strategies;
  • How do they make or delay the needed decisions;
  • How innovative or conservative are people;
  • How creatively do people model ideas and ways or use popular ones.

Share your story with me:

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