How to think like a CEO?

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No matter your role—whether you’re managing, delegating, selling, storytelling, influencing, or serving—our biological nature as organic creators necessitates a unique level of interdependence. Our differences often complicate the process of creating value and developing opportunities. Understanding and navigating this complexity is key to our professional success. 

Dr. Juls Novkova, Ph.D., CEO of Juls’ Psychology Business Consulting

Why is so hard to be a CEO?

CEO life is an amazing, but overwhelming journey: from unmanaged daily stress to the intricacies of direct selling and social media marketing, the road to business success can be fraught with obstacles, but also progress, creativity, innovation and personal growth.

In the realm of business ownership and management, leveraging the human aspect can dramatically elevate your success.

My team and I are passionate about creating new ideas and opportunities, and we know how demoralizing and draining business development can be. We face so many challenges and sometimes the solutions are not visible, applicable or relatable. We decided to create a special e-book for you to help you understand how to navigate and challenge business reality.

Here, in 74 pages, you will find case studies, insights & ideas on how to approach decision making and what to focus on when creating a solution.

Here’s how Business Science & Psychology can transform your approach and help you grow as a CEO:

  • Understand Human Behavior: Delve into the motivations, biases, and decision-making patterns that influence team and B2B dynamics, enhancing your strategic approach.
  • Effective Leadership: Boost your leadership skills to improve team dynamics and employee engagement, driving superior performance.
  • Problem Solving: Utilize psychological principles to uncover and tackle the root causes of organizational issues.
  • Decision-making: Enhance decision-making by recognizing cognitive biases and employing rational analysis.
  • Optimized Communication: Reduce misunderstandings and conflicts with clear, strategic communication methods.
  • Increased Productivity: Foster an environment where employees are motivated and productive through targeted strategies.
  • Innovation and Adaptation: Maintain competitiveness by encouraging creativity and adaptability within your team.
  • Process Optimization: Streamline operations and enhance efficiency by aligning tasks with individual skills and preferences.
  • Effective Marketing and Branding: Apply consumer psychology to refine your messaging, branding, and product positioning for optimal impact.
  • Improved Sales Performance: Enhance customer interactions and increase conversion rates by understanding and applying insights into consumer behavior.
  • Adapting to Digital Environments: Master the digital landscape by optimizing user experiences and leveraging digital marketing based on online behavioral insights.

Every business problem has an aspect that can be solved either by some technology and/or by some change in human perspective, communication, or behavior. 

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How our guide helps you develop your CEO Mindset?

What keeps you from achieving your goals with greater clarity, confidence, and social support as a generator of ideas, ways, tools, and meanings?

Our team is dedicated to the creation of highly personalized processes that will help you to understand and manage the Human2Human aspect of your business processes and relations. We incorporate the most fundamental and cutting-edge business theories to improve your individual, group, and organizational productivity and effectiveness.

Our guide examines each of the top 20 issues CEOs identify, based on our 15 years of business consulting experience, and explores how business psychology can provide actionable, science-based solutions to foster growth, well-being, and success with less risk and expense by working primarily with human perceptions, communications, and reactions.

Our approach has its own limitation because humans are unpredictable in  many ways, but when it comes to business life and business reactions, we all have a routine, a typical ways and views, that affect our decision-making, habits, and behavior, our strategy-planning & implementation, and our ability to estimate and assess appropriate how good/bad a decision was.

We know that there is NO single solution to any of the problems discussed below because business does not obey the law of determinism, where one action leads to one consequence, but rather variation and randomness. Knowing that certain factors more accurately predict certain short-term outcomes, it takes a lot of expertise to “calculate” the best-fit variation. 

We also understand that our solutions can have a strong impact in the short term, and why the rapid pace of business change tends to diminish the positive impact of these solutions in the long term. We believe that sustainability, resilience and predictability in business can be achieved through scientifically proven business processes that are not easily affected by change, such as: communications, branding, marketing and sales strategies, human resource training & development, psychological & emotional resilience, proposal & negotiation. Processes that can be modified by some business innovations as tools and approaches, but that are fundamental to human nature and how people do business. 

JulsPsychology -Think like a CEO

The issues addressed in our GUIDE are just the tip of the iceberg, but they are also the TOP 20 most common CEO difficulties for which science offers the most sustainable and long-term complex solutions with relatively lower investments of time, energy and money, and more manageable risks and negative consequences of change:

  1.  Overwhelm and Stress
  2. Lack of Energy and Concentration
  3. Fear of Failure
  4. Perfectionism
  5. Imposter Syndrome
  6. Difficulty prioritizing & making decisions
  7. Sales and Marketing Strategy
  8. Direct Selling & Branding
  9. Negative Self-talk and Lack of Self-belief
  10. Consistency in Business & Social Media
  11. Technological Setbacks
  12. User Experience, Copyright, and Design
  13. Difficulty Delegating and Letting Go
  14. Grow Your Network
  15. Balancing Work and Life
  16. Sleep, Nutrition, and Exercise
  17. Hobbies and Socializing
  18. Resilience and Happiness
  19. Networking and Social Support
  20. Business Growth and Burnout Prevention

Change. Adapt. Evolve.

Learn and grow through us and our perspective on business and fall into the idea of experimenting with better adapted strategies & policies for Human2Human connection and interaction. 

Let us inspire you to embrace the importance of Human2Human interaction and explore with us how you can use applicable scientific tools to enhance, nurture, manage, and modify these connections, even if you are using advanced technological solutions, AI or chatbots to interact with people inside or outside your organization. 

See how better equipped and adapted processes, services, procedures and products accumulate exponential growth from this small change in your perspective. We are a team with a combined 90 years of experience in consulting and working with companies from different sizes and fields.

We know how people do business. 

Ready to master your CEO mindset?

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About Dr. Julika Novkova, Ph.D.

You don’t have to walk the path alone, you can learn to let go and to delegate!

I like to see people become self-aware, self-empowered and self-structured into a sense of extreme self-ownership.

We are able to see opportunity in situations where before we only saw frustration, lack of control and emptiness.

Develop your CEO Mindset with me and my team!

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