How can a single person make a real difference?

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One person has the capacity to make such a positive change that would last over 100 years! And yet we fail to believe that this person can be us.

Dr. Julika Novkova, Ph.D. CEO of Juls’ Psychology

Hi, I am Dr. Julika Novkova (Juls) , Ph.D. and when I started my social entrepreneurship project Juls’ Psychology in 2016, I didn’t fully understand how often people underestimate the power of their personality on their mindset, decision making, goal setting, motivation and stress management. Now I’m committed to helping them live their lives with a sense of personal meaning, deep purpose and social connectedness.

I focus my work on helping my clients understand how to grow their business from within by developing an agile and resilient mindset, flexible thinking and confident decision-making, so they can master their personality, take control of their inner state and be creative and productive.

People do not fail, neither in life nor in business.

I work with people with very high levels of creative and physical energy who are trying to change the world itself. They are constantly pushing personal and life boundaries to become who they want to be and do what they believe they are meant to do.

The business world is a fun, colorful and innovative space where we try to create and innovate without losing our personal meaning and purpose. Business leaders, entrepreneurs and freelancers are visionaries with a bright and bold perspective on life, who have often been caught in the crossfire between their goals, dreams and desires and the uncertain and ever-changing reality.

My clients are obsessed with their free will, change management and positive impact. Being an entrepreneur or small business owner creates a different reality – one where your personality, personal brand, and reputation can either elevate your ideas or make you feel unworthy. Based on my 15 years of experience as a personal and business psychologist and C-suite business consultant & trainer, I believe that people don’t fail to achieve their goals. They just stop trying to achieve them because at some point they start to doubt whether they deserve it or not.

Sometimes it’s just too hard to be THAT hard.

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Why double-check your beliefs?

People believe that if they have the right attitude, if they are inspired and positive, if they have the right tools and the perfect strategy, everything will go according to plan and they will achieve their goals.

But the reality is harsh and turbulent; life never cares about our desires and limitations and even the “perfect” people, tools and strategies fall into “imperfect” conditions. If you’re the one questioning every choice you’ve made, then maybe it’s time to make some radical changes, don’t you think?

Sharing your thoughts, double-checking your strategies and testing your ideas is critical to business because we can’t see what we don’t see.

I want you to think about yourself as if you really care about yourself, as if you really like what you are doing and enjoy who you are, and then to ACT on that! Then learn not to underestimate the power of your choices in your personal, professional and family life.

Your imperfect personality is someone's entire perfect universe.

How can modern psychology help us keep going without burning out?

Modern applied business psychology is agile, adaptive and highly personalized. I am happy to offer tailored solutions to improve a life or a business. My work has helped me to understand the importance of working on a small scale, one case and one issue at a time.

Yes, maybe you think that your issues are not that important and maybe you are right! But you are probably missing out the point here: more important is what you are capable of creating & and achieving if you overcome your inner obstacles?

How far can you go, how deep can you grow, how high can you rise?

There is now perfect succes or failure by Julika Novkova

Let me help you master the most important business skills:

There is no magical potion that will make you feel whole and complete, motivational capture

Learn how to grow from within without feeling that you are missing something or not enough, because maybe it’s true that we are not perfect, but we are capable of creating a really perfect ideas, thoughts, connections, and ways that connects us together and help us all grow, move, and evolve.

That’s why I’m here, trying to help people like you to get over the hard feelings about your weaknesses and limitations, to improve how you see yourself and how you see reality, and to encourage you to take responsibility and stay active, because you might just do something great that lasts for 100 years!

  • How to navigate challenges, harness strengths, and transform your business and personal life.
  • How to elevate your business mindset: tailored psychology for Decision-Makers.
  • How to
  • How to forge a resilient path for you and your business: explore, understand, and conquer.
  • How to lead with confidence: empower your communications and achieve your goals when delegating, negotiating, and resolving conflicts.
  • How to master your inner strategic game: find clarity, make impactful decisions, and lead with authority.

How hard is it to keep growing and expanding?

I’m not going to lie to you – it can be challenging and exhausting! I can assure you that I too have my doubts, my ups and downs. But the truth is that I have learnt my lesson:

When I feel dark and insecure, I try not to question my personality, but to remember that I am just too tired and have not taken good care of myself for a long time.

So instead of losing faith in my talents and abilities, I just take good care of myself. When I am ready to return to my professional responsibilities, I am fully aware of what I am capable of.

I also believe that if I’m not working, then someone is missing out on something valuable. I believe: Someone needs me today. And I do my best to be here, to be present and aware, and to solve that problem.

If you are too tired to do this, if you feel like you are losing it, you can take my free online test to see if you need some professional help. Or you can simply book a 1:1 session with me.

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What I have managed to do on my own since 2016

I would like to show you what I have been able to achieve as a local company in my home country with Juls’Psychology.com since 2016:

JulsPsy is the best know local business according to google
  • I launched the Bulgarian platform JulsPsychology.com with over 300 professional psychological articles in Bulgarian to support the development of business leaders in Eastern Europe. The articles also include free mini-trainings I have developed to help leaders and business owners develop various personal and business development skills in communication, personality type, conflict resolution, assertiveness, setting boundaries, self-love and self-acceptance, self-awareness and self-reflection, cognitive ease and decision-making, stress management and motivation, empathy, empowerment and altruism;
  • Over 10 years as an established and publicly recognized expert sharing knowledge, tools, ideas and mindset as a media guest, author, lecturer, public speaker, podcast guest and mentor – see some Google search results linked to my name:

  • Over 200 hours of free counselling for women on maternity leave or victims of domestic violence;
  • Over 150 hours of individual and group counselling and mentoring for Eastern European youth;
  • More than 40 stories told in the “My Way” campaign to support small and family businesses in Bulgaria.
  • A joint campaign with 5 partners called “Like yourself”, dedicated to the healthy digital image of entrepreneurs and improving their mind-body connection.
  • An authentic personal brand campaign with an 8-day free challenge to promote healthy personal branding that reveals the true personality behind the brand.
  • A campaign called ‘Taming the Chaos in Your Mind’, dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of having control over internal states in order to maintain focus and make decisions.
  • A campaign called ‘Mindfulness Techniques to Prevent Entrepreneurial Burnout’, to support entrepreneurs by helping them understand how their mindset and unconscious beliefs sabotage their decisions and plans. 

And so, in 2019, I launched JulsPsy.com, the current English version of my website, where you can find a free online scale for self-assessment of internal states. Then, in 2020, I launched InnovaCeption.com, a space where I help people to be more creative and innovative without burning out. I have since become a mother of two and with them now at school, I feel ready to expand my professional mission and connect with others who need my expertise, passion and love on a global scale.

Want to support my work?

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You’ll get regular updates on how the person you’re helping is progressing, and stay connected! Now we have the power to be world-changers together and have a real social impact!

Thank you for helping me provide services and content to those who can’t afford to pay for my services!

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You are the most important system in your life & business, invest in yourself!

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