Leadership Consulting


  • Online psychological training & consulting session (90 minutes);
  • Professional Psychological Questionnaire;
  • Personalized tools & approach;
  • Suggestions for further reading;
  • Setting personal & professional goals;
  • Summary of the training session by e-mail;

My approach differs from typical psychological counselling (which is relatively broad and generic). I create highly personalized, more “technical” and “actionable” solutions for personal & business transformation for my clients as a PhD level consultant with 15 years of mastery in both academic and business settings.

Try to understand yourself, your perceptions, experience, values, thoughts, feelings, and typical reactions to master your personality!

Dr. Juls Novkova, Ph.D. /CEO at Juls’ Psychology

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Elevate your organization’s leadership dynamics and strategies with our Leadership Consulting services.

Our focus on both transformative and transactional leadership styles ensures a comprehensive approach that aligns with your specific needs and objectives. Discover the power of effective communication and strategic leadership to inspire your team and achieve your vision.

Designed for emerging and established leaders, our business psychology approach provides expert insights into leadership styles with a tailored focus on transformative and transactional approaches. Enhance communication skills, inspire performance, and foster a culture of success.

What is included in this initial consultation?

  • Online psychological training & consulting session (90 minutes);
  • Professional Psychological Questionnaire;
  • Personalized tools & approach;
  • Suggestions for further reading and exercises.
  • Setting personal & professional goals;
  • Summary of the session by e-mail;

You can explore other options, compare this plan with others, and find out more about the organizational consulting here.

After the initial consultation, and if you feel you need more long-term support, we can discuss a plan that suits your needs, time, resources, energy level, limitations, wishes and goals. Let us know what you need and we’ll get back to you with suggestions on how to prioritize your budget and meetings.

Don’t worry, we will answer all your questions.

To start the change you need to realize that YOU are the decision maker and we are just a facilitator and an observer of the process. Our role is to give you some space and time, some tools and ideas, and most importantly – to ask the ‘right’ questions. Life can be lived in many different ways, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

It is important to feel that your world is all yours and that the solutions are uniquely yours.

What are the benefits from the Personalized Leadership Assessment:

  1. Improved Leadership Effectiveness: Elevate your decision-making, problem-solving, and team management abilities.
  2. Enhanced Organizational Culture: Build a positive culture that supports innovation, collaboration, and high performance.
  3. Empowered Teams: Foster a sense of empowerment in your teams to drive productivity and achieve targets.
    Increased Adaptability: Nurture flexibility and adaptability in leadership to thrive in a dynamic business landscape.
  4. Sustainable Growth trough innovations and creativity: Invest in blue ocean strategic thinking and outperform the competition with know-how and creative ideas.
  5. Burnout prevention: Create a psychologically safe environment and manage daily stress effectively to prevent burnout.

Key Process Steps for Comprehensive Leadership 

1.  Initial Leadership Style Assessment: Begin with a diagnostic of your current leadership approach to establish a baseline.

  •  Tailored Customized Professional Questionnaires;
  •  One-on-One Interviews;
  •  Behavior Analysis;

2.  Development of Leadership Profile: We craft a detailed profile pinpointing strengths, areas for improvement, and leadership potential.

  • Personal Strengths Mapping;
  • Potential Challenges Identification;
  • Leadership Skills Inventory;

3.  Strategic Planning for Leadership Evolution: Collaborate to create a developmental roadmap focused on both transformative and transactional elements.

  •   Goal Setting and Benchmarking;
  •   Customized Strategy Sessions;
  •   Leadership Development Plan;

4. Communication Skills Enhancement: Elevate your communication prowess to effectively unite and guide your team.

  •   Interactive Workshops;
  •   Communication Style Refinement;
  •   Conflict Resolution Techniques;

5. Transformative Leadership Skills Training: Inspire and lead change with a deeper understanding of transformative leadership methods.

  •   Vision Development and Articulation;
  •   Change Management Strategies;
  •   Motivational Tactics for Team Development;

6. Transactional Leadership Optimization: Master the essential transactional skills to maintain efficiency and drive performance.

  •   Performance Incentive Structures;
  •   Feedback and Accountability Systems;
  •   Operational Excellence Practices;

7. Sustainable Leadership Integration: Implement your new skills and knowledge with ongoing support and resources for lasting impact.

  •   Continuous Performance Assessment;
  •   Follow-Up Individual Sessions;
  •   Access to Leadership Resources and Tools;

8. Final Analysis and Feedback Loop: Measure progress and refine approaches with a concluding evaluation phase.

  •   Performance Metrics Review;
  •   Success Stories and Case Studies;
  •   Recommendations for Continued Growth;

With our comprehensive Leadership Consulting services, be ready to transform your approach, motivate your team, and lead your organization to new heights.

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